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The Next Best Thing - * 1/2*

Madonna plays a single woman who has a baby with her gay best friend (Rupert Everett). Five years later, when she moves on to other romances, a nasty custody battle ensues. Suzanne Krull, Benjamin Bratt, Illeana Douglas, Stacy Edwards, Josef … Continue reading

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Never Been Kissed - * * 1/2*

Never Been Kissed is a film about second chances. Similar in ways to Peggy Sue Got Married, the film gives its lead character a chance to relive her not-so-glorious days of high school (albeit without the time travel twist). Never … Continue reading

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The Pallbearer - * 1/2*

Poorly drawn characters ruin this one-note romantic comedy. David Schwimmer makes his big-screen starring debut as Friends-ish nerd Tom Thompson. Tom is an out-of-work architecture graduate who still lives with his mom (Carol Kane). The movie opens as Tom receives … Continue reading

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