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Baby Geniuses - 1/2*

Going in to the movie Baby Geniuses, I tried to reassure myself that the movie couldn’t nearly be as bad as its premise makes it seem. After all, some good talent (Kathleen Turner, Christopher Lloyd, Dom DeLuise) is attached, and … Continue reading

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A Simple Wish - 1/2*

I don’t know what child, or adult for that matter, would wish for A Simple Wish. This pathetic attempt at a children’s slapstick comedy is a mind-numbing bore. Martin Short stars as Murray, the only male graduate of Fairy Godmother … Continue reading

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Moonlight and Valentino - * 1/2*

Moonlight and Valentino is a drama about grief and women’s relationships. Elizabeth Perkins plays a young woman who husband was killed, having been hit by a car. Gwyneth Paltrow is her rebellious, but innocent, younger sister. Kathleen Turner is her … Continue reading

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