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Mission: Impossible 2 - * * 1/2*

Another Impossible Mission, this time involving the hunt for a deadly virus. Tom Cruise will star, along with Ving Rhames, Thandie Newton, Brendan Gleeson, Dougray Scott, John Polson, Rade Serbedzija and Richard Roxburgh. Anthony Hopkins will play Cruise’s new boss. … Continue reading

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Face/Off - * * * 1/2*

It is not often that you encounter an action film that can actually challenge its actors (not counting featherbrained musclemen, of course). And it isn’t often that you get strong performances, either. Yet, both of those are true for Face/Off, … Continue reading

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Broken Arrow - * *

Explosive action film that doesn’t really go anywhere. Hong Kong veteran John Woo directs this yarn about two Air Force pilots. Christian Slater is good-natured Hale, and John Travolta is the psychotic Deakins, his partner and mentor. Deakins masterminds a … Continue reading

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