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Limbo - * * *

John Sayles directs this Alaskan drama. A fisherman (David Strathairn) is traumatized by an accident at sea. Years later, in his Alaskan hometown, he falls for a lounge singer (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)…but encounters trouble when his brother (Casey Siemaszko) returns … Continue reading

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Men With Guns - * *

John Sayles tackles his next subject in his new film Men With Guns. The trouble is, I’m not sure what his subject is…and I’m not sure he knows, either. Dr. Fuentes (Federico Luppi) is a city doctor in an unnamed … Continue reading

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Lone Star - * * * 1/2*

John Sayles directs this complex and finely detailed drama about a Texas border town and the people who live there. The film opens with the discovery of a skeleton in the desert, which may be the 40 year old remains … Continue reading

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