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Anna and the King - * *

Andy Tennant directs Chow Yun Fat as the King of Siam, who has a relationship with british governess Anna Leonowens (Jodie Foster) in 19th century Thailand. Bai Ling also stars. Previously titled Anna. Capsule Review: The film has plenty of … Continue reading

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Contact - * * * *

It has been awhile since Hollywood has delivered a serious science fiction drama. Most recent forays into SF tend to gravitate toward comedy (i.e. Men in Black, The Fifth Element), or action/thrillers (i.e. The Lost World, Face/Off). In addition, there … Continue reading

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Home for the Holidays - * *

A dysfunctional family comedy that’s not all it thinks it is. Holly Hunter plays a single mother, returning home for the holidays (Thanksgiving in particular). Among her eccentric family members at the gathering: her obnoxious gay brother (Robert Downey, Jr.) … Continue reading

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