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Office Space - * * *

It was only a matter of time before a Dilbert-esque office comedy hit the screens. However, rather than coming from Dilbert creator Scott Adams, Office Space is instead based on the work of another animator, Mike Judge, creator of Beavis … Continue reading

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The Object of My Affection - * *

What do you expect when the most romantic film relationship in 1997 was between the straight Julia Roberts and the gay Rupert Everett in My Best Friend’s Wedding? The answer: The Object of My Affection, a romantic drama that tries … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect - * *

The best adjective to describe Picture Perfect is bland. There’s not much here to actively dislike, but not much to like, either Jennifer Aniston stars as Kate Mosley, an independent ad exec. A little too independent. She’s denied raises and … Continue reading

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She’s the One - * * *

Edward Burns, who won raves for his Brothers McMullen, tackles similar material in She’s The One, and manages to make his sophomore outing a rather amiable romantic comedy. The plot centers around the exploits of two brothers. Mickey (Burns) is … Continue reading

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