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EDtv - * * *

Instant fame is a dream of many, but at what cost does it come? Director Ron Howard’s latest film, Ed TV, takes a critical look at the price of celebrity. This comedy doesn’t pack as hefty a punch as it … Continue reading

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Meet the Deedles - 1/2*

Part buddy comedy, part fish-out-of-water story, part nature tale, Meet the Deedles is not nearly as interesting as any of those archetypes. In fact, it is an invitation you ought to disregard. Phil and Stew Deedle (Paul Walker and Steve … Continue reading

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Waterworld - * * 1/2*

Reasonable action fare. Interesting premise works well at times, but it seems as if the writers just didn’t think things through (i.e. why would consumables still be around several hundred years after the world was flooded?) Costner and Hopper give … Continue reading

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