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The Beach - * 1/2*

After Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio had his pick of any role in Hollywood. He displayed courage by choosing a dark, offbeat project for his next starring role, The Beach. Unfortunately, The Beach is a washout, continuing the downward slide for director … Continue reading

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A Life Less Ordinary - * *

Fresh off the success of Trainspotting, and with a boatload of pressure, Danny Boyle decided to tackle a rather different project for his next directing effort. And, while A Life Less Ordinary is definitely not a mainstream sell-out, it isn’t … Continue reading

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Trainspotting - * * *

Rough hewn portrait of youths in Scotland, and their nihilistic ways of sex, drugs, and crime. Ewan McGregor plays Mark Renton, the centerpiece of the film. Renton, like many of the other characters, is a heroin addict who knows his … Continue reading

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Shallow Grave - * *

Black comedy about a trio of housemates who cover up the suicide of a new roommate in order to keep a mysterious suitcase of money. A few good moments, but you never truly connect with the main characters.

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