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Dirty Work - 1/2*

Like so many other former Saturday Night Live-ers before him, Norm Macdonald attempts to make the jump to feature films…and falls flat on his face. Dirty Work is an embarrassingly bland comic failure. Macdonald stars as Mitch Weaver, a pathetic … Continue reading

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Flubber - * 1/2*

In its infinite wisdom, Disney has decided to resurect The Absent Minded Professor. However, you may note that this remake bears the moniker Flubber instead. And thus begins the shift of focus away from plot and characters and toward mindless … Continue reading

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The Rich Man’s Wife - * 1/2*

It’s obvious from watching The Rich Man’s Wife that it wants to be a better film…it tries hard, but just doesn’t make it. Halle Berry stars as Josie Potenza, the neglected wife of rich television bigwig Tony Potenza (Christopher McDonald). … Continue reading

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