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Almost Heroes - [No Tickets]

It’s sad…Chris Farley’s last film is also his worst. It’s a bad epitaph, and a worse movie. Matthew Perry stars as Leslie Edwards, an explorer whose goal is to beat Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. To achieve this … Continue reading

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Beverly Hills Ninja - 1/2*

Beverly Hills Ninja is a surprisingly boring comedy. Chris Farley stars as Haru, an orphan who is discovered by a secret ninja clan after washing up as a babe on the coast of Japan. The clan adopts Haru and trains … Continue reading

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Black Sheep - *

Black Sheep is an innefective pseudo-sequel to Tommy Boy, that plays like one long, worn out, Saturday Night Live skit. Chris Farley plays Mike Donnelly, the bumbling brother of gubernatorial candidate Al Donnelly (Tim Matheson). Of course, Mike can’t do … Continue reading

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Tommy Boy - *

Most of the time, this poor comedy simply falls flat. A few times it sinks even lower. It doesn’t have the confidence to follow through on a joke, but tries to drown the viewer with situation after situation…and succeeds in … Continue reading

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