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Snow Day - * 1/2*

Everyone who ever grew up in a cold climate remembers the magic of snow days, those impromptu vacations from school that would spring up overnight. The kid flick Snow Day attempts to capture that magic, but instead turns completely to … Continue reading

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Vegas Vacation - 1/2*

The Griswold family returns for a third Vacation sequel, hitting miles below the humor of the original, and even below the lesser Christmas Vacation. This time Clark (Chevy Chase) and Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo) take their kids (played this time around … Continue reading

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Man of the House - 1/2*

Chevy Chase has problems. Severe problems, if this is the best he can now do. He portrays the potential stepfather-to-be of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The problem (well, one of many problems with this film) is that stepson doesn’t want anyone … Continue reading

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