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Cradle Will Rock - * 1/2*

The intersection of politics, class relations and art has rarely been examined in the movies. Cradle Will Rock, the third directorial outing from Tim Robbins, examines this unusual juxtoposition with plenty of energy. But amid his many political musings, Robbins … Continue reading

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Kiss the Girls - * * 1/2*

James Patterson’s novel, Kiss the Girls, is the inspiration for the latest serial-killer-hunter movie. Gary Fleder directs this competent, but somewhat lacking adaptation. Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) is a famous Washington D.C. forensic psychologist. Normally, he tries not to get … Continue reading

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Twister - * * *

Explosive effects-driven thriller that doesn’t try for any depth beyond the superficial, but doesn’t need to. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt portray a married (though divorcing) couple of tornado chasers. When a rare and dangerous meteorogical condition throws a rapid … Continue reading

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