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Almost Famous - * * * *

No stranger to the world of music, director Cameron Crowe is well known for the strong rock-and-roll soundtracks of his earlier films, Say Anything, Singles, and Jerry Maguire. However, in his youth, Crowe was actually a rock reporter for Rolling … Continue reading

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Without Limits - * * 1/2*

Without Limits is the second biopic of Olympic track athlete Steve Prefontaine (following last year’s Prefontaine). Both films hit all the same bases, and have about the same effect: a modest appreciation, but little understanding of the man. Steve Prefontaine … Continue reading

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Inventing the Abbotts - * *

Bland and flat, Inventing the Abbotts portrays small town life in the 1950s, but works better as a gallery for its young stars. The film focuses on two families in small town Haley, Illinois. The Abbotts are among the town’s … Continue reading

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Sleepers - * * * 1/2*

Sleepers is a powerfully acted revenge flick. It starts out in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of west side Manhattan in the mid-1960s. Four boys, Michael (Brad Renfro), Shakes (Joe Perrino), John (Geoff Wigdor) and Tommy (Jonathan Tucker), form a strong … Continue reading

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