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Keeping the Faith - * * *

Edward Norton directs this romantic comedy in which a Catholic priest (Norton) and a rabbi (Ben Stiller), best friends, fall for the same woman (Jenna Elfman) (whom they’ve known since childhood), but neither can marry her. Anne Bancroft, Eli Wallach, … Continue reading

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Great Expectations - *

I’ll be the first to admit it. When you mention the book Great Expectations, I immediately begin experiencing flashbacks to junior high English class, where I was confronted with a torturously boring book filled with people with such nonsensical names … Continue reading

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How to Make an American Quilt - * * 1/2*

Mechanical drama about women and their relationships with men and each other. Winona Ryder plays a young woman on the verge of marriage who spends a summer away from her fiancee to compose her master’s thesis and reevaluate her life. … Continue reading

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