Mission to Mars - *

An action adventure about the first two missions to Mars. The first ends in disaster, and the second (led by Tim Robbins) is sent to rescue any possible survivors. Gary Sinise, Jerry O’Connell, Connie Nielsen and Don Cheadle will play other astronauts. Elise Neal and Kim Delaney will also star. Brian DePalma directs from Ted Tally’s revision of the script. Not to be confused with the similarly themed Red Planet.

Capsule Review: An interesting first half quickly devolves into the hokiest science fiction film this side of Lost in Space. Anyone who stayed awake during a single high school science class will be able to poke holes in the film’s paper thin science. Brian DePalma and his good cast never display their talents, and play second-fiddle to the film’s rushed (and obviously so) special effects. Mission to Mars is a complete crash landing.

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