The Bachelor - *

Updated version of Buster Keaton’s movie Seven Chances. A proud-to-be-a bachelor (Chris O’Donnell) will inherit $120 million from his grandfather if he is married by his 33rd birthday (which happens to be tomorrow). Renee Zellweger also stars as his long-time girlfriend, who gets suspicious of his sudden desire for commitment. James Cromwell plays a priest who is enlisted to marry the couple. Marley Shelton, Artie Lange, Stacey Edwards, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Esposito and Sarah Silverman also star. Mariah Carey has a cameo. Gary Sinyor directs from Steve Cohen’s script.

Capsule Review: A very tired one joke comedy that ends up searching for laughs. Chris O’Donnell and Renee Zellweger have been appealing before, but all of that charm is missing here.

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