Random Hearts - * 1/2*

Sydney Pollack directs Harrison Ford in this adaptation of Warren Adler’s novel. Ford will play Dutch Van Den Broeck, an internal affairs detective whose wife dies in a plane crash. She is found carrying the same key as another man killed in the crash. As Dutch investigates, he gets romantically involved with the man’s wife (Kristen Scott Thomas), a prominent congresswoman. Dennis Haysbert, Bonnie Hunt, Charles Dutton, Richard Jenkins, Peter Coyote, Dylan Baker, Paul Guilfoyle, Susanna Thompson, Lynne Thigpen, M. Emmet Walsh, Edie Falco and Bill Cobbs also star. Screenplay adapted by Kurt Luedtke and David Rayfiel.

Capsule Review: This film is relentlessly depressing for a romance. While watching it, you know that, even if the characters end the film together, their relationship just isn’t going to last. And yet, the film never has enough depth to make it a compelling study of obsession, or passion on the rebound. Yet another romantic misfire from Harrison Ford.

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