Mystery, Alaska - * *

Jay Roach directs this hockey comedy about a small Alaskan town whose local team unexpectedly finds itself in a match against the NY Rangers. Russell Crowe stars as the town’s hockey-playing sheriff, and Mary McCormack will portray his wife, and Ron Eldard is another of the town’s players. Hank Azaria, Maury Chaykin, Colm Meany, Lolita Davidovich, Burt Reynolds, Cameron Bancroft and Beth Littleford will also star. Mike Myers will appear in a cameo. Previously titled The Game.

Capsule Review: An overwhelmingly plastic and artificial film. Mystery, Alaska feels like a routine sitcom, stretched to nearly two hours. While a few of the characters are amiable, there’s not enough meat here to make for a compelling entry in the sports film genre. The world didn’t need a grown-up Mighty Ducks.

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