Preview of 1998

What to Look Forward to in 1998

The following is a list of the top thirty movies that I am looking forward to the most in 1998. That doesn’t mean that they will all necessarily be good, or (in some cases) that they will even make a 1998 release date. It simply means that these films have caught my attention in one way or another, and here’s why:

30. Ed TV
Ron Howard returns to directing comedy, the genre that made him famous (with Night Shift, Splash and Parenthood). He’s also has a good cast lined up…but will there be comparisons to The Truman Show?
29. Small Soldiers
This one almost sounds like a cross between Toy Story and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Knowing how most crosses go, it probably won’t be as good as either, but it sounds intriguing.
28. The Mask of Zorro
Long in post-production, the mere fact that Anthony Hopkins will be portraying the elder Zorro is enough to pique my interest.
27. The Big Lebowski
And the Coen Brothers finally debut their followup to Fargo, which will undoubtedly suffer a backlash, warranted or no. (See how the hillarious Hudsucker Proxy was overshadowed by the brilliant Barton Fink). Still, they’re the Coens, and that fact alone makes this one worth looking forward to.
26. Dark City
The fact that New Line doesn’t have enough confidence in this one to solidify a release date doesn’t bode well. But, the eerily effective trailers and a good cast may signal redemption.
25. Godzilla
It’s not gonna be a deep movie, and it looks like it’ll be a bit too humorous for some, but it should at least have some great FX.
24. The Crowded Room
Another film that’s been a long time coming. I first heard of this one back in the early 90s when James Cameron was contemplating his first drama. Now Danny DeVito is on helm, and Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star. Now let’s see if they can actually get this one on film…
23. Lethal Weapon 4
The biggest problem Lethal Weapon 4 faces, despite its extremely short development cycle, is the sheer amount of characters that are carried over from the earlier films. This is a film with five major characters, not even counting the villain. But so far, the series hasn’t been a let down…
22. Lost in Space
The inital trailer, released last year, sparked some hope. Perhaps this one won’t be the disaster a “Lost in Space” movie is bound to be. However, the recent (and more revealing) trailer isn’t as impressive. Still, the film promises some good FX…
21. Star Trek 9
Pro: It’s a Star Trek movie. Con: It’s an odd-numbered Star Trek movie.
20. The X-Files Movie
This one’s got a built-in audience. The series cliffhanger leads directly into the movie. But will the tv audience revolt, and if they don’t will there be any more secrets left in the show?
19. U.S. Marshalls
Hmmmm…a sequel to The Fugitive without The Fugitive. Well, Tommy Lee Jones is good…but can Wesley Snipes fill the shoes of Harrison Ford?
18. Eaters of the Dead
A Viking saga probably won’t do terribly well in the marketplace, but this is based off a Crichton novel. Will it be Jurassic Park…or Congo?
17. Sphere
The other Crichton movie this year, but this one’s got the cast: Hoffman, Stone and Jackson. It can’t miss? Can it?
16. You Have Mail
Nora Ephron directs Tom Hanks Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy remake. Will lightning strike twice? The supporting cast of Greg Kinnear, Steve Zahn and Parker Posey will help.
15. Deep Impact
And now to the falling rock films. Deep Impact actually has the more interesting plot, but just look at the cast: Elijah Wood and Tea Leoni. OK, OK, it also has Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Maximilian Schell and Vanessa Redgrave. But which camp will win?
14. Armageddon
Although lighter in the head, this one’s got the muscle: Willis, Buscemi, Affleck, Thornton, Stormare, and Patton. But what’s Liv Tyler doing here?
13. Breakfast of Champions
Hmmm…Bruce Willis doing Vonnegut? This one’ll be….interesting…
12. A Perfect Murder
Dial M For Murder was one of Hitchcock’s greatest films. Why mess with a classic? But since they are…Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow seem like a perfect cast to do it with.
11. What Dreams May Come
Cuba Gooding Jr. leads Robin Williams on a trip through the afterlife. Whichever Robin Williams shows up for this one, it sounds like a surrealistic hoot.
10. The Astronaut’s Wife
Something about this Outer Limits-ish film has piqued my curiosity. Will Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp be able to pull it off?
9. The Avengers
This one’s either heading to be one of the worst or the best films of the year. I didn’t care too much about this one until seeing the bizaare trailer. Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman are always ones to watch. And Sean Connery as the bad guy? Count me in.
8. City of Angels
Wings of Desire was a hit-and-miss film, mostly triumphing because of its style. Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan can be counted on, but can Brad Silberling deliver the same hypnotic vision?
7. Arlington Road
Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack….but is this a thriller or a comedy?
6. Saving Private Ryan
Steven Spielberg delivers the year’s first WWII film, with a cast including Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. What more do you want?
5. Prince of Egypt
The grand unveiling of DreamWorks’ animation division. It looks as if it will be powerful and epic in scope. And just take a look at that list of voice talent.
4. Eyes Wide Shut
Kubrick returns. He sure took a long time. Now, is the film any good?
3. The Truman Show
Jim Carrey tries another take at breaking out of his comedic mold. With Peter Weir at the helm, he may have a shot.
2. A Bug’s Life
How do you follow up a breakthrough film like Toy Story? With even better animation. The teaser was simply breathtaking.
1. The Thin Red Line
Just take a look at the cast associated with this one. Combine that with one of the most powerful novels about WWII, and the return of director Terrence Malick, and you’ve got a hard film to beat.
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