Gone Fishin’ - 1/2*

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin’ is an unfunny, meandering film attempting to be a comedy. Gus (Danny Glover) and Joe (Joe Pesci) have been best friends and fishing buddies ever since they were kids. For as long, their fishing trips have always been disastrous. Hoping to buck the trend, the two friends plan their biggest pre-Thanksgiving fishing trip ever. They travel to the Florida Everglades, but bad luck, as always, follows. This time, their paths cross with a con-artist/thief/murderer, which sets the stage for one disaster after another. Unfortunately, as calamitous as this is for Gus and Joe, it is merely tedious for the audience. None of the elaborate setups provide any humor at all. The filmmakers seem confused as to where the film should go. Ideas are brought up, then set aside before any comic potential they might have had could be exploited. Even the premise is a fishing comedy without any fishing. Glover and Pesci work well together, but you could care less about their characters. You’re better off renting one of the Lethal Weapon films.

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