Truth or Consequences, NM - *

Truth or Consequences, NM, is the latest rather brainless pseudo-hip crime drama. This one marks the directoral debut of Kiefer Sutherland. He also portrays the loose cannon, Curtis Freley. Curtis and several cronies begin the film with a drug heist that goes wrong. In the band of thieves are Raymond (Vincent Gallo), the most level headed of the bunch, his girlfriend (Kim Dickens), and the streetwise Marcus (Mykelti Williamson). On the run from the law and the mob, the foursome capture a pair of yuppie hostages (Kevin Pollak and Grace Philips). Sutherland’s directoral debut doesn’t shine. Not only is he a bit heavy handed and obvious with his style, but he has done himself the disfavor of casting himself in the film’s most flamboyant ego-satisfying role. There’s no one to restrain him, and it shows. The crew of usually reliable actors (including Martin Sheen and Rod Steiger) can’t help this one. The film is thoroughly predictable…what few plot twists it has have been blatantly plagarized from better films (Reservoir Dogs leaps to mind), and its attempts at keen banter are simply dull. This is one to miss.

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