B.A.P.S. - 1/2*

B.A.P.S. (or Black American Princesses) is a horribly failed satire that should be avoided by all. Nisi (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle) are two tacky, low class Atlanta girls who travel to Hollywood with the dream of starring in a Heavy D music video. When they fail to get the part, the nephew of a rich Beverly Hills man asks a strange request. His uncle, Mr. Blakemore (Martin Landau), apparently fell in love with Lily, his family’s black housekeeper, when he was young. His family quashed the affair, and now, years later, Mr. Blakemore is on his deathbed. His nephew wants Nisi to pose as Lily’s granddaughter to bring joy to his uncle’s last days (or at least that is what he states his motives to be). The film gets its only pathetic laughs at the beginning which seems to be a bit more satirical than the rest of the film. However, everything about B.A.P.S. gets tired as it goes along. Even the screenplay gets lazy, dropping details here and there, and forgetting to provide any semblance of an interesting storyline. Half of the actors seem terribly embarassed to be in the film, and the other half should be. There are a few moments of pleasure that can be derived by admiring Halle Berry, but those are soon tempered as the heavy burden of the rest of the movie settles in. You can pick better films at random, and so should have all involved.

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