Bound - * * 1/2*

Bound is a Hitchcockian piece of film noir (that’s good), mixed with an Eszterhasian piece of lesbian chic (that’s not so good). Corky (Gina Gershon) is a lesbian ex-con fresh out of prison. She lands a job renovating an apartment next door to a money launderer, Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) and his wife, Violet (Jennifer Tilly). Violet wants out, and she sees Corky as her chance. The two begin a secret affair while hatching a complex scheme to rob the mob and pin the blame on Caesar. The beginning of Bound focuses on the lesbian relationship between Corky and Violet, and in many ways is the worst part of the film. The lesbianism seems to be tossed into the film as a gimmick, and doesn’t come across as very credible or important to the plot. Once the sluggish opening scenes are past, and the women plot their scheme, Bound really gets moving. The carrying out of the plot and its consequences are truly riveting. The Wachowski Brothers, who directed the film, manage to convey a true sense of danger off the screen. If they were able to pace the first half of the film in the same frantic manner, this would be one not to miss.

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