Supercop - * * 1/2*

The third entry in Jackie Chan’s Police Story series has been redubbed and repackaged for American audiences as Supercop. Unfortunately, the renovation weakens the film, with a dubbing job that is barely better than Rumble in the Bronx’s, and a glaringly out of place modern rock and rap soundtrack. The good news is that none of the editing removed any of Chan’s trademark action pieces…and Supercop contains some of his best. This time around, Chan is a Hong Kong cop sent undercover into China in order to track down the leaders of a drug cartel. In China, he is reluctantly teamed up with an Interpol agent, Michelle Khan. Together, they manage to smuggle little-fish Panther back to Hong Kong, where his big-fish brother awaits. There are several great action pieces, including a explosive, high-powered firefight in Thailand. However, they all build up to a spectacular series of stunts involving cars, helicopters, motorcycles and trains in the grand finale. The plot, trimmed back from its sparse 1992 release, is threadbare…but if its action you crave, Supercop has it.

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