Eraser - * * *

Enjoyable, but by-the-numbers action pic. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as U.S. Marshall John Kruger, an agent in charge of enforcing the Federal Witness Protection Program. He erases the identities of witnesses to protect them from those they are testifying against. His latest charge is Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams), an employee at a arms manufacturing company, Cyrez, which has manufactured large quantities of an experimental and deadly rail gun and is preparing to sell them on the black market. Things get dangerous when the arms conspiracy reaches some important goverment officials, and a mole is discovered within the agency. Kruger must risk his life to protect Lee and stop the bad guys. The plotting and characterization in this film never aim for much, they simply serve as a means to traverse from one action sequence to another. Luckily for Eraser, those action scenes are a hoot to watch. From a couple of tremendous stunts, gadgetry that would put James Bond to shame, and a plethora of post mortem one-liners, Eraser is great fun to watch. James Caan and James Coburn lend their weight to the film as Kruger’s mentor and his boss, respectively, and Robert Pastrelli does lends a hearty dose of comic relief. Don’t expect a masterpiece from Eraser, but you can expect a good time.

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