Getting Away with Murder - 1/2*

Hopelessly tasteless comedy that gets off on the wrong foot and never recovers. Dan Aykroyd is a hopelessly moralistic ethics professor who discovers that his neighbor, Jack Lemmon, may be a notorious Nazi mass-murderer. In a sense of indignant outrage, he proceeds to kill to man, only to learn that his neighbor might have been innocent after all. It is hard to see what lured Aykroyd and Lemmon (as well as co-stars Lily Tomlin, Bonnie Hunt, and a slew of political commentator cameos) to this insipid comedy. The humor seems forced throughout, and never earns a single laugh. Aykroyd’s character is completely unsympathetic (in a film which needs all the sympathy it can get)…in fact Lemmon’s character is probably the most sympathetic, and he’s a NAZI. And the whole mishmash rambles on for nearly two hours, well overstaying its presence. Don’t be fooled by the names…this film ain’t a comedy…it should be avoided at all costs.

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