Mr. Wrong - *

Mr. Wrong is a clumsy, repetitive attempt at comedy. Ellen DeGeneres is Martha Alston, a 31 year old single woman who meets the perfect guy, Whitman Crawford (Bill Pullman). However, when he suddenly metamorphoses into the boyfriend from hell, she dumps him. But that doesn’t stop Whitman…he continues his pursuit of Martha with insane zeal, doing one zany thing after another. While the idea might have looked good on paper, and some parts did certainly seem funny in previews, the entire film is a failure. The laughs are far between. Mr. Wrong is framed as an extended flashback sequence, which is a mistake, because it shows exactly where the film will eventually plod along. DeGeneres doesn’t push her character beyond the lonely single everywoman. Pullman does his best as the manic Whitman, but is restrained by the poor screenplay. Even supporting actresses Joan Plowright and Joan Cusack can’t do much with their roles. Mr. Wrong tries hard to be outrageous, but it doesn’t do much right.

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