Bed of Roses - * * 1/2*

Bed of Roses is a rather idealistic romance that suffers from its overabundant perfection. Mary Stuart Masterson is Lisa, an overworked and underloved woman. She meets her ideal man in Lewis King (Christian Slater), a florist. Lewis happens to be the quintessential 90s sensitive male. He sees Lisa one night crying in her window, and delivers an anonymous arrangement of flowers to her the next day. One thing leads to another, and soon the two are together. The problem is, well, that’s a nice story, but it only lasts 30 minutes. Lisa and Lewis are obviously perfect for each other, but both Lisa and the movie stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the fact until another laborious hour has passed. However, throughout the 90 tedious minutes, we are treated to some cloyingly nice scenes of romance and beauty. If these are your cup of tea, you will certainly find Bed of Roses delightful…just don’t look for anything deeper than “fear of commitment” from the characters.

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