Eye for an Eye - * 1/2*

Director John Schlessinger presents a film about grief, justice and revenge that feels lifted from the TV-movie of the week. Sally Field and Ed Harris star as the parents of two daughters. When their eldest is raped and murdered in their own house, they react in different ways. The film primarily focuses on Field, who is devastated and obsessed with bringing the killer to justice. When the law fails to convict the man (Kiefer Sutherland), Field feels compelled to take matters into her own hands. She tracks him, takes defense courses, and tries to build up her nerve before he can strike again. Sally Field overacts a bit in her role, coming off as cartoonish in her quest for justics. Ed Harris fares much better in a understated role as the stepfather of the murdered girl and the supportive husband. Joe Mantegna is also good as his truth searching cop. However, Sutherland breaks no new ground as the psychotic killer. Director Schlessinger attempts some unique visuals, but they are mostly lost in the mundane and plodding story and script. The actors and director simply deserved more.

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