Bio-Dome - [No Tickets]

Wanna-be comedy falls way flat. Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin star as Bud and Doyle, two brainless junior college students who mistake the local biosphere-like scientific experiment (the Bio-Dome) for a new mall. They find themselves stuck inside with five scientists for a year. This could have been a mildly amusing comedy, but the main characters are so annoying that even the most ardent Pauly Shore fan must tap into heretofore unknown reserves of willpower to avoid running away screaming into the lobby. Those who do stay will find what passes for comedy here is so mind-dullingly horrible that they will be slack-jawed and drooling in under five minutes. The scientists (led by William Atherton), are a bunch of (get this!) nerds (ha!). That is, except for the curvaceous Kylie Minogue and Dara Tomanovich to provide diversionary entertainment for Bud and Doyle. But soon those wacky boys are causing trouble in the bubble, and the viewers watch the seconds tick by in ever slower increments. Danger! Danger! Environmental Hazard! You have been warned!

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