Sabrina - * * * 1/2*

Delightful fairy-tale remake of the Humphrey Bogart/Audrey Hepburn romantic comedy. Julia Ormond is in the title role; she is the daughter of the chauffeur to the rich Larrabee family. Harrison Ford is Linus Larrabee, the elder of two brothers, and the workaholic of the two. Greg Kinnear is David, the playboy brother whom Sabrina has a crush on, but who pays her little attention. However, while Sabrina is away in Paris, David gets engaged to the daughter of the owner of Tyson Electronics (a company the Larrabees have an eye for). Yet, Sabrina returns from Paris a changed woman, and finally attracts the eye of the newly engaged David. Linus attempts to intercede to save the marriage and the merger, but Sabrina’s charms begin to win him over as well. Sabrina’s trip to Paris is a bit overstated, and drags out the beginning of the movie, but once the romantic triangle begins, the film truly takes off. Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond have great chemistry, and Greg Kinnear proves himself an amiable actor. The writing (adapted from the earlier movie, which was adapted from the stage) is up to date and very witty. The only questionable tactic is a convenient plot device which seems only to prove that Sabrina is not a money chaser (as the rest of the movie might make one believe). But the rest of the film is so good, that you take even that in stride.

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