Things to Do In Denver When You’re Dead - *

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead tries to emulate Pulp Fiction, but bungles the job badly. Jimmy The Saint (Andy Garcia) is a reformed gangster who is brought back in by his former mob boss (Christopher Walken) to do one last job. Jimmy reunites his old crew (including Christopher Lloyd, William Forsythe, Bill Nunn and Treat Williams). However, when the job goes sour, Jimmy is given two days to leave Denver. Instead, Jimmy tries to get his friends to safety, and figure out what to do with his own life. The fim tries desperately to liven up the action by slinging in non-sequiturs, giving us mob action up front, with goofy things happening in the background. It is as if the producers decided to throw all the ingredients of Pulp Fiction into a giant pot, and expected the movie to make itself. It doesn’t. Instead, we’re left with a tired script full of bad lines and a bunch of half-fleshed out characters, consisting of little more than one or two idiosynchrasies and an illness or two. Whether or not you’re in Denver, or happen to be dead, there are much better things to do than waste your time with this film.

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