Money Train - *

Rehashed jumble of action films and buddy cop movies. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson are foster brothers and transit cops. The train of the title is the armored subway car which collects the daily fares. Woody’s character is so deep in gambling debts that he concocts a scheme to rob the Money Train. However along the way, we are treated to several sting operations, a serial arsonist, several muggers, plenty of beratings by commissioner Robert Blake (serving double duty as chief and bad guy), a few beatings by and of loan sharks, a love interest, a love triangle, a boxing match, some runaway horses, and oh, yes, eventually a runaway train. And all of this is accompanied by the constant bickering of duo Wesley and Woody. None of this crowded mess seems new or even that interesting. Sure there are some good stunts here and there, but was everything they packed in needed? Did they really need the psycho killer? They would have spent their time much better if they updated the stale TV-cop-show dialogue, or gave more than simple motivations to the characters. Perhaps if they just focused on the train robbery, this would have been an interesting film. But they didn’t, and it’s not.

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