Fair Game - *

Cindy Crawford is the best thing, and ultimately the worst thing, about this pitiful action thriller. Crawford is, of all things, a lawyer who is marked for death by an elite ex-KGB squad. The inept squad fails in three attempts to kill their target, which draws the attention of cop William Baldwin. He drags Crawford from one “safe” location to another, only to narrowly avoid the bad guys in yet another bungled attempt to silence the lawyer. This proceeds for about six or seven more times, until the villain has a chance to explain his ultimate plans, and is eventually defeated. All of this provides ample opportunity for several shower scenes, multiple explosions, plenty of gunplay, and even a sex scene. What apparently there is no time for, however, is dialogue or acting. Cindy Crawford portrays the depth of a cardboard cutout…a beautiful cardboard cutout, but a thin one nonetheless. She manages to read her lines with the thought and insight of a teleprompter. William Baldwin shines by association. Still, Ms. Crawford does have assets, and the film exploits them. The rest of the film suffers in consequence. The action, while virtually non-stop, is also non-sensical. The villains are bland, and the motivations are ridiculous. Really, the only reason to see this movie is Cindy Crawford. However, she’s also the prime reason to avoid it.

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