Copycat - * * *

A handful of discrepancies mar what otherwise is a suspensful thriller. Sigourney Weaver is a psychologist with a expertise in serial killings who is afraid to leave her house after killer Daryll Lee Cullum (Harry Connick Jr.) tries to make her one of his victims. However, when a string of stranglings occur throughout San Francisco, cop Holly Hunter begins to consult Weaver about the murders, which seem to duplicate famous slayings of the past. Weaver and Hunter give good performances as the leads. Harry Connick Jr. is creepy enough for his limited appearances. The direction keeps the pace moving, but relies a bit too heavilly on gimicky tilting and twisting camera shots. The main problem with Copycat is in the details. There are a lot of small loose ends, or things which don’t quite click. Towards the end the film, the standard thriller cliches begin to encroach. Still, there are quite a few suspensful bits here and there. Those and the performances make this one worth watching.

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