Mad Love - 1/2*

Dysfunctional modern rock love story. Chris O’Donnell is Matt, just a normal guy at a Seattle high school, when new student Casey (Drew Barrymore) comes to town. She has a wild and reckless attitude, and, heck, she happens to be a manic-depressive in the bargain. (Apparently the title is intended to be taken literally). Naturally Chris O’Donnell’s teen falls madly in love, and when Casey is forcibly institutionalized by her parents, Matt rescues her, and they begin a cross-country trek. O’Donnell is rather bland, but his character is written that way. Barrymore plays her manic-depressive as a troubled schizophrenic, but never mind the disorder, she’s CRAZY!!!…or at least she does a lot of wacky stuff to attempt to impress. The film blatantly disregards any moral issues underlying the turbulent romance, but instead uses it as padding between its multitude of modern rock songs. Buy the soundtrack and forget the film.

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