Forget Paris - * * 1/2*

An on-again off-again relationship comedy by Billy Crystal. He plays Mickey Gordon, a top notch pro basketball referee. By a convoluted twist of fate, he is trapped in the Paris airport for several days, where he meets Ellen Andrews, an airline representative (Debra Winger). The two hit it off and after a long distance relationship, marry. But, like their relationship, their marriage has its ups and downs, the turmoil of which is the basis for the entire film. The story is told mainly in flashback and from the differing perspectives of friends of the couple. Like the relationship, the movie has its ups and downs. Many of its comic scenes click, others simply fall apart. Most of the blame belongs to director Crystal, who doesn’t create a coherency that encompases the entire film. Winger and the supporting cast, including a large number of cameos, manage to keep up with the material, but at times, that isn’t very hard.

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