Facial Surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout on June 13, 2000

Week 5

Monday, July 10:
I'm a little frazzled in this pic. On my way to my first day back at work! It went great! Everyone did notice the red in the eye, even though it's almost gone.
Thursday, July 13:
My eye redness has drastically reduced over the past few days. It's now a very light pink, and barely visible in this photo.

Week 6

Wednesday, July 19:
It's a little grainy, but the eye-redness is now completely gone. My lip and chin are still swollen (my smile is still crooked as a result).

Week 7

Monday, July 24:
Doing much better this week. My chin's still swollen, but my lip seems a bit more mobile.
Thursday, July 27:
Not the most flattering picture...but it does show the extent of the chin swelling, giving me a double chin. Plus, I'm a little fuzzy as I prep for electrolysis.

Week 9

Monday, August 8:
Just got back from Miami, so sorry for missing last week. As you can see, there's still not much difference week to week. Still, things seem to be getting better every day. The numbness, except for the very front of my scalp, has all disappeared by now.

Week 10

Sunday, August 13:
I had my ears pierced this weekend. It's been two months since my surgery, and the jaw swelling is still fairly noticeable, particularly from this angle.
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