Facial Surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout on June 13, 2000

Sunday, July 2:
Feeling more energetic today, as I have over the past week. My legs get tired easily, though...probably from all that bedrest.
Monday, July 3:
Spent the day shopping with my pal, Cindy. I had to stop and rest halfway through, so I'm still not up to full strength.
Tuesday, July 4:
Happy Independence Day!!!

It's hard to believe that it's already 3 weeks since my surgery.

Wednesday, July 5:
My bruising is almost gone, and the redness in my eyes is fading fast. I'm still rather swollen, though.
Thursday, July 6:
I gambled and had my driver's licence photo taken today. Hopefully I won't look too bad in the pic.
Friday, July 7:
My last day of leave. I'm still pretty swollen...that's about the best smile I can manage. The redness is retreating, but still there.
Saturday, July 8:
I found two more staples in my scalp this morning. My scalp must be healing, because it hurt a little more to remove them this week than last.
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