Whale Music - *

A rather uninteresting drama about a bizarre man. Maury Chaykin is the main character, Desmond Howl, a retired rock musician, who, after the death of his brother-partner, has become a reclusive hermit. His one obsession is what he calls his “whale music”, which he imagines is music for whales. An escaped mental patient/groupie of his (Cyndy Preston) moves into his house, uninvited. Desmond, however, doesn’t mind…and, as can be expected, a romantic bond forms between them. Of course, his friends in the music biz want him to make a comeback, but all he cares about is his whale music. The movie presents an unusual character in an unusual situation, but doesn’t follow through. Although portraying as strange, and maybe slightly insane man, Maury Chaykin doesn’t make the central character someone who is all that interesting. Ultimately the movie rests on his shoulders, and he fails to carry the weight.

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