Facial Surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout on June 13, 2000

Sunday, June 25:
Monday, June 26:
My first day completely on my own after the surgery. I still tire easily, but seem to have a little more energy than last week.
Tuesday, June 27:
Hooray! Today I had my name legally changed!

Some more sutures began dissolving during the day, causing a little nausea. However, the pain level seems to have died down completely, so I have switched to Tylenol.

Wednesday, June 28:
The sutures are still dissolving, but the nausea is going away. I'm starting to take bites of soft foods, and there doesn't seem to be any discomfort. I think apples are still a few weeks away.
Thursday, June 29:
My energy keeps coming back a little bit at a time. I still don't feel like doing anything strenuous. The swelling is still going down, but the rate of descent seems to have slowed.
Friday, June 30:
I can open my mouth much wider today...nearly twice what I could last week, and almost back to normal.
Saturday, July 1:
I don't look my best in this picture, but it's another one without makeup to show the extent of the bruising.

I found a rogue staple in my scalp earlier today. I had felt it before but thought it was a scab. Luckily, the area was still mostly numb, and I was able to remove it without too much hassle!

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