Week 2

Sunday, June 18 - Chin bandage and nose packing removed:
The removal of my chin bandage Sunday morning caused my chin to puff out with the rest of my face. At least with the nasal packing gone, I could breathe (slightly) through my nose again.
Monday, June 19:
Started to wear clothing once again today. I've been feeling more energetic (meaning I can occassionally walk four laps around the floor, rather than two).
Tuesday, June 20:
My last full day in San Francisco. This photo probably gives the best look at the blood in my eyes (particularly the right one). Whenever I look up, it looks pretty terrible...but the intense redness has been lessenning every day.
Wednesday, June 21:
The final bandages, sutures and staples were removed this morning! The bruising has lessened in this photo, and is barely visible beneath a thick layer of "travel makeup" for my plane trip home.
Thursday, June 22:
My first day back in Texas. Still covering the bruising with makeup, but the red-eye is still noticeable, as well as the swelling in my cheeks, lip and chin.

The left side of my lip is stiffer than my right (which has more numbness), hence the semi-crooked smile. This is about as low as I could pull my lower lip at this time.

Friday, June 23:
Despite how this picture looks, I'm still extremely swollen at this time. It feels like I have a grapefruit stuck to my chin, but doesn't seem that bad from the outside.
Saturday, June 24:
A shot without makeup to see the extent of bruising.

One of the mouth sutures came out on its own today. I hope that's a good thing...

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