Tale of the Mummy

Russell Mulcahy directs this tale of the undead. A detective (Jason Scott Lee) investigates a series of murders that are linked to a museum exhibit on the evil Egyptian pharoah Talos. Louise Lombard rediscovered the tomb of Talos, originally located by her grandfather (Christopher Lee). Lysette Anthony, Michael Lerner, Jack Davenport, Sean Pertwee, Honor Blackman, and Shelley Duvall star. Not to be confused with The Trance, The Mummy, or The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned.(Trimark) (Dimension)

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Michael Gencarelli (anonymous)title and release date change
07/22/99 06:04 PMthe title is now changed to TALE OF THE MUMMY and is set to be released on august 3, 1999

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