Any Given Sunday


Oliver Stone directs this look at the NFL. Al Pacino will star as the coach who pressures a veteran QB (Dennis Quaid) to play hurt, or risk getting replaced by an up-and-coming QB (Jamie Foxx). Elizabeth Berkley will portray Pacino's love interest, and Jim Caviezel will portray his son. Lela Rochon will play Foxx' girlfriend Vanessa. Tom Sizemore, Matthew Modine, LL Cool J, Ann-Margaret, Cameron Diaz, James Woods, Charlton Heston, Bill Bellamy, Jim Brown, Aaron Eckhart, Frank Gifford, Lawrence Taylor and Johnny Unitas also star. Previously titled The League and On Any Given Sunday.

Capsule Review: Loud, brash and fatally uninteresting, the film doesn't show us anything that hasn't been shown before. Some of the football footage is fun...but the tough hits were better in The Waterboy! Don't be sold by the names in the cast... you can definitely skip this one. (WB)

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Any Given Sunday
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