Where the Heart Is

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Matt Williams directs Natalie Portman as a pregnant teen abandoned by her boyfriend in an Oklahoma Wal-Mart store. Dylan Bruno, Stockard Channing, Joan Cusack and Ashley Judd will also star. Sally Field will have a cameo. Based on Billie Letts' novel. Previously titled Where the Heart Is.

Capsule Review: An overly packed melodrama, Where the Heart Is should have jettisoned a good chunk of its subplots. Still, the film is not all bad. A strong central performance from Natalie Portman holds this one together...but barely. (Fox)

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Gil-C (anonymous)name change.
01/10/00 12:16 PMIt will be called "Home Is Where The Heart Is" (probably to distinguish it from the similarly named Where The Money Is).

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Cassius (anonymous)
"Where the Heart Is"
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Lexy319 (anonymous)

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