The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

* * 1/2*

Tod Williams directs this comedy about a dysfunctional family. Adrian Grenier stars as Sebastian Cole, a high school junior whose stepfather (Clark Gregg) announces he is a transsexual. Margaret Colin plays Sebastian's mother. Aleksa Palladino, John Shea and Marni Lustig also star. Famke Janssen has a cameo.

Capsule Review: This is an intriguing idea for what is otherwise a routine teen film. Sebastian sets out to have a series of adventures, and he has a bevy of unusual ones. Impressive debut for Adrian Grenier, and Clark Gregg gives a strong supporting performance. However, the film is still in orbit around the "teen movie" staples, and never breaks away from the genre's crushing gravity.

[R - language and crude sexual references, and for some substance abuse.] (Paramount Classics)

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Cassius (anonymous)
"The Adventures of Sebastian Cole"

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