Reindeer Games

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John Frankenheimer directs this thriller in which an ex-con (Ben Affleck) is set up by his former cellmate (Gary Sinise) to rob a casino. Charlize Theron, Dennis Farina, James Frain, Donal Logue, Ashton Kutcher, Isaac Hayes, Danny Trejo and Clarence Williams III will also star. Ehren Kruger wrote the script.

Capsule Review: An all-too routine action yarn that has some enjoyable moments. Affleck never finds his place as the action hero, and seems overly smarmy and removed from the action. Sinise chews the scenery plenty, but his talent is wasted. Theron is the bright spot here. Reindeer Games would make a decent video rental, but isn't really worth your time at the theater. (Dimension)

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Chris Bigham (anonymous)A release date may have been set
10/14/99 03:29 PMIn an article at Mr. Showbiz, Reindeer Games has been given a release date of February 25.

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