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Lawrence Kasdan writes and directs Loren Dean as a young psychiatrist named Mumford, who arrives in a town with the same name. A rival psychiatrist (David Paymer) questions his credibility and his identity. Ted Danson, Mary McDonnell, Alfre Woodard, Zooey Deschanel, Jason Lee, Hope Davis, Martin Short, Dana Ivey, Kevin Tighe, Jane Adams, Robert Stack and Pruit Taylor Vince also star.

Capsule Review: Bland, but likeable comedy, redeemed mainly by a strong and colorful supporting cast. The film raises some tough ethical dilemmas, but doesn't really want to resolve them. No need to rush, this one'll wait for you. (Touchstone)

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casablanca-don (anonymous)Mumford
07/26/99 05:54 PM"Mumford" has an official website open off of a link on the Touchstone Pictures page at:
The initial site holds a ploy synopsis, cast information, and some still photos

casablanca-don (anonymous)Mumford trailer
07/26/99 06:55 PMA trailer is also out on "Mumford" from Touchstone Pictures. A viewing area and link is at the Loews Cinplex Theaters Trailer Park at "Mumford" is on of the features of the week for July 26.

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