Pokemon: The First Movie

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An animated Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) film. For those in the know, this one involves a clone of the ancient Pokemon Mew, who lashes out against his creators and seeks to control the Pokemon universe with an army of clones. It's up to Ash, and his faithful Pokemon Pikachu, to save the day. Includes the short, Pikachu's Vacation. Previously titled Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Capsule Review: The short and simple of it is: kids who are addicted to Pokemon will like the movie. Parents (and unfortunate others) who can stomach this endless advertisment will discover the film isn't as horrible as it could have been. The animation is crude, and there's certainly not much depth to the storyline or the characters. The attempts to tag a "fighting is bad" moral message to the end of this nonstop fighting movie fail miserably. And why does the tag "The First Movie" seem like an ill omen? (WB)

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Sneakpeak2 (anonymous)Date
06/24/99 09:39 PMNow it will come out Nov. 12.

CoolDan_1 (anonymous)Links
08/03/99 10:37 AMThe official trailer has just been released. The link for it is:


This trailer requires quicktime 4. If you don't already have it, go to


and follow the onscreen instructions. enjoy!

PokeFan (anonymous)'Pokémon' Cast Voice
10/14/99 02:30 PMThe voices will be the sames actors voices of the 'Pokémon' series:

Veronica Taylor .... Ash Ketchum
Rachel Lillis .... Misty/Jessie of Team Rocket
Eric Stuart .... Brock Harrison/James of Team Rocket
Ikue Ootani .... Pikachu

The english script will be the same writer of the series.

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