Pete's Meteor

Release Date: Limbo

No, this isn't one of the doomsday rock flicks. Instead, it's a dark coming-of-age story written and directed by Joe O'Byrne. Set in a Dublin slum, three kids are living with their grandmother (Brenda Fricker). When a meteor crashes into their backyard, the kids see it as a gift from their dead parents...and try to get the meteor back from the university that claims it. Alfred Molina will play a scientist at the university, and Mike Myers is the drug addict friend of the kids' parents. John Kavanagh, Dervla Kirwan, Ian Costello, Gavin Dowdall, Natasha Corcoran, and Pat McGrath also star. Previously titled Meteor.

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RCrowe (anonymous)Prod. Info
03/17/99 11:41 PMThis long awaited film wrapped shooting back in January '98, and has yet to come out. Look for it no later than the fall of '99. WE HOPE!

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Pete's Meteor
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